Bakken Museum & Aster Cafe Wedding | Minneapolis Upscale Wedding

Bakken Museum Wedding in Minneapolis

Sometimes upon meeting couples I get the feeling that they might have known each other for a few centuries.  That they might have spent fifty years reading the world's best novels and sipping Jamaican beer on the beaches of Barbados, then another sixty years running a creative commune & holistic garden in the dense Russian wilderness, then a century or so living in the vigor and  bustle and excitement of a skyscraper-filled American city, taking in every scent, sound and sight that the world has to offer...together for years and years.  

Aster Cafe Wedding Reception in Minneapolis

I got that feeling when I met Derek and Jen, as they completed each other sentences, complemented each other's movements, and seemed so synchronized in glance, spoken word and touch.  You could see it on their wedding day, when the bride approached the groom for that first look and they merged together in embrace.  Something about a summer wedding, perhaps because it's the season we most associate with weddings, can bring about the feeling that we're seeing a wedding the way we imagined it as kids, when we dreamed of what that would be like and if we would ever find our perfect match.  In the picturesque and quaint choice of the Bakken Museum garden, I am sure many of the friends and family revisited that original sense of childhood wonder, as the bride made her way down the aisle towards her beloved.