Lowertown Event Center Wedding | MN Winter Wedding

A winter wedding can be a cozy and wonderful thing. The joys of being surrounded by your closest loved ones, and hosting a great meal with a fun party afterwards can remind us that a wedding is not just a celebration of a couple but of the bond shared with all the loved ones in attendance.  The prime focus at Sara & Aaron's wedding at the Lowertown Event Center in St Paul, MN was joy.  Everything from the laughter at the dinner tables to the raucous moments on the dancefloor radiated with wide grins and exuberant merriment.   And at the end of the day, beyond the beautiful tablescapes and wonderful floral arrangements, that joy is what matters most.

The getting ready moments can be an essentially part of the story, candid moments which show anticipation for what's ahead.

A First Look is something that can't be repeated, not unlike a ceremony kiss.  I try to find spots that are unique and photographically sound.  For this wedding the challenge was that we were entirely indoors with no window light (and it was raining outside).  I opted for this spot with the blue backlight, which worked well & gave a glow to this special moment.  

Sara & Aaron wanted some pictures of them with their dogs during Formals.  I have to say these dogs were pretty photogenic and they looked amazing in black and white.

These Bride & Groom photos pretty much summed up the joyful, casual and fun-loving demeanor of the happy couple.  The challenge was trying to get some daylight shots since most of the day it was raining. We used some of the overhead skylight for some of these photos and Sara's enthusiasm definitely helped light up the shots.

A big part of any wedding is the decor.  It sets the tone and mood for the day.  I loved these floral arrangements by Bel Fiore.  They had such a painterly quality to them, like something one might see in a Renaissance painting, and I really loved the delicate pastel tones.

The excitement starts to show as the groomsmen line up just minutes before the ceremony is about to commence.  Rosetree Events, one of Minneapolis' best wedding planners, and such a joy to work with, really helped to make sure everything went smoothly.

The bride glows as everyone looks on and the couple takes their place at the altar.  The rustic wooded backdrop in the ceremony space was an especially nice touch you'll see at Lowertown Event Center.

The table settings in the reception area were stunningly decorated, both warm and shimmering. While guests enjoyed Cocktail Hour, Sara and Aaron both read each other's letters in the preparations area.  

After Cocktail Hour, dinner and toasts commenced.  An especially raucous speech by the best man had everyone chuckling.

 I bring the flash out for many of the Reception shots.  It's nice to see everyone loosen up on the dance floor and enjoy the festivities.  As you can see, while the DJ played some pretty heavy hits, things got rowdy while everyone was having a fun time.