Your Experience With Me

I have been blessed with amazing clients in 2016. The trend continues for 2017! I often hear clients say how comfortable they felt when getting their bridal portraits taken, or when on an engagement session with me. As someone who is not so keen on getting his picture taken, I know how good it feels to be empowered & eventually comfortable in front of the camera. That is my priority & promise to the clients I work with: you will receive an experience of seeing yourself that you didn't know was possible. We live in an image-driven society where iPhones are everywhere.  People are more used to seeing themselves and getting their photos taken and posing for photos than at any other point in history.  So what can I offer that your iPhone can't offer?  I can offer photos of yourself and your loved ones and the biggest day of your life that you didn't think were possible.  I want my clients to see their photos and relive the beauty of their wedding day and to love the person they are seeing in their images.  I've cultivated photography techniques for over a decade that help to tell a story through images.  I know how to make different people look their best.  My aim is to create a meaningful collection for you that you will want to share.  If you are looking for a wedding photographer for 2017, I invite you to come and meet me for coffee this week so I can learn more about your wedding and share more about how I work and what I can offer you.


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