A Chic and Upscale Boston Event by Rafanelli Events

This is an oldie, but goodie.  In late 2014 I was commissioned to shoot this amazing chic and upscale event in the heart of Boston, the city in which I was born and which I will always love.  Shooting this event for Rafanelli Events at Boston's historic Wang Theater was like a dream - there were so many stunning elements in their decor and design.  It should have come as no surprise - this is the same man whose company (stocked with incredibly talented event designers), designed Chelsea Clinton's wedding, as well as several celebrity functions, ranging from small intimate affairs to massive gatherings.  For me, it was an insight into a level of event design that I hadn't been predisposed to.  As a photographer for a function like this, you need to think quickly on your feet and, much like a wedding, get all those details shots in a very limited space of time.  You must work efficiently and have your camera settings at the ready going in.  Being predominantly a natural light film photographer (now) it was also a challenge.  In order to preserve the details and effects of the captivating lighting and stunning waves of material hanging from the ceiling designed by Rafanelli Events, I shot digitally at a high ISO and of course, as always, in RAW - to maximize my editing capability later on.  All in all, it was a wonder to be a part of such a magical event and I look forward to shooting more chic events and weddings with innovative designs like this in the future.