Scenic Lake Minnetonka Wedding | Bayview Event Center Wedding

Lilacs always remind of my childhood, of June and the beginning of summer.  Their strong and sweet floral scent always signal those memories of school being out, of celebration, and laughter and joy amongst my childhood friends.  And so it was such a pleasure to see both lilacs and children and raucous joy play such distinct roles in Mariam and Abdul's wedding.  You can see it in the pictures - in how the beautiful lush backdrop of lilacs complements Mariam's bridal glow.  Also in how much joy and carefree happiness the kids brought to the collection.  Kids usually love the camera, by the way.  The scenic environment was enhanced for this Bayview Event Center wedding by the beauty of Lake Minnetonka on the back lawn.  This scenic Lake Minnetonka wedding was unique in that it was a wedding that honored the traditions within Somali culture.  So there was no formal ceremony on the day of the wedding, but there was much good cheer and celebration culminating in one  of the best dance periods at wedding reception.  Dressed in a stunning Che Bella boutique gown, complete with a birdcage veil and gorgeously intricate henna designs on her and her bridesmaids hands, Mariam was every bit the beaming bride on her wedding, as Abdul looked fondly at her.  Holding her vibrant early summer bouquet marvelously designed by Luna Vinca, It was one of the magical summer days with a molten warm sunset.  It was all these elements of scent and sound, love and light, that made Mariam & Abdul's so remarkable - one of those perfect early summer days.

reception venue: bayview event center | gown store & designer: che bella boutique by amy kuschel | crystal birdcage veil: leslie li |  lace dots bridal caplet:  2011 perfect |  bridal jewelry: arabella cultured freshwater pearl, swarovski zirconia bracelet & pearl earrings | ring: diamond scaasi | florist: luna vinca | cake & deserts: buttercream cakes & desserts  | bridesmaids dresses:  david's bridal |  hair: samiya salon | groom attire:  ted baker |  make-up: faces beat by katra abdulahi | emcee:  dalmar | henna art: amina's henna


processed & scanned by mammum film lab | additional post-processing & color correction by marc andreo